Finding a good nightclub is important to ensure the best night out and dining experience. Although nightclubs are often about the drinks, music, and dance, it should also be about the food. The best nightclubs in Orlando offer a variety of food options especially if you want to have an Orlando tropical dinner. To ensure you will maximize your dining experience at one of the best nightclubs in the city, here are tips you can consider:

Go Early

As with every other dining experience, eating in a music and dance club has its own protocol. To get the most out of the food and the performance, ensure to go early. Reserve the earliest table for the first show. For the second show, make sure you will be there before the club doors are open. In general, you do not want to waste less time in line if you have a table reserved and can walk right in. By the time the band takes the stage, you can have your napkin tucked away. Also, this allows the waiters to have a much easier time serving drinks; instead of heaping plates of food, disrupting performances. Keep in mind that the majority of nightclubs are on first come, first seated basis. Going there early will give you a better chance at getting a good table.

Go for Finger Food

If you have to eat at the club, order anything that approximates finger food. This reduces the disruptions that can be caused by waiters setting down silverware. The best clubs offer tropical menus that you can easily munch on while watching the movements around you. Side dishes like garlic bread, wedges, and chips can add a lot of fullness to your meal. But, you can also go for veggie sides or a salad.

Order your Size

The majority of nightclub meals are too big for the average person and often have few, vegetables. But, you can order your own version of a meal in a great nightclub. If you are a health aficionado, there will always be great options for you. But, typically, you will not mind the big size if you will be at the club for a while.

Order a Bottle

Since wines in nightclubs are priced fairly in good clubs now, it may make sense to order a bottle instead of two rounds of drinks. Again, this reduces the disruptions caused by waiters. Plus, you don’t have to call for wait staff to attend to you.