There’s no doubt that four hands are much better than two, particularly in case of relaxation. Massage therapy provides you with numerous benefits, both for the mind and body. Did you ever experience the ultimate feeling of a professional massage? Well, if you did, you can enhance the experience by opting for a 4 hand massage Melbourne. These body massages are certainly not overrated as they give you the best form of relaxation. Did you know that massages can alter the outlook you have on life? This is why 88% of people are of the opinion that massage is good for health.

Four Hand Massage – What is it?

The practice of two masseuses who work on one client is called a four-hand massage. A traditional Swedish massage is extremely satisfying but when you opt for a four-hand massage, this doubles your pleasure. There are two masseuses who will work together on relieving your stresses, knots, and kinks.

Skilled professional masseuses who are acquainted with the technique of four hand massage usually mirror each other’s hand movements and also put in their effort to maintain an equal amount of pressure.

Why is an erotic four hand massage special?

The four-hand massage technique is unique and special as it keeps the receiver in such a mental condition that he surrenders his body to the two masseuses. This kind of effect is achieved as the brain is not able to predict the movements and motions and the pressures that result from a four-hand erotic massage. This kind of massage renders the person is in an entirely relaxed state.

The ultimate goal of this kind of massage is to put your body into a wholesome state of relaxation and therapists obtain this by applying slow, long, and sweeping movements over your body.

Benefits of four hand massage

  1. Better relaxation

35% of people consider stress to be the sole reason for undergoing a body massage. For ever massage appointment that you book, relaxation is usually the ultimate goal. But when you use two massage therapists instead of one, the relaxation doubles. It is a fact that can’t be denied that gentle touch relaxes us. Having two expert masseuses massaging you at the same time can give you a lifetime experience.

  1. Intense soothing of muscles

99% of people think massage is the best solution for reducing body pain. During a four-hand massage, there are two masseuses who work on various body parts. Though various massages relieve sore muscles, four-handed massage provides an even better experience. These are great for athletes and men who are highly sexually active.

  1. Reduces stress

Considering the work load that we share these days, it’s easy to get stressed out. However, thanks to massage therapy that you get relief both to the mind and body. If you wish to get more time to relax and unclog your brain, book a four-hand massage. Body massage decreases stress hormones, cortisol and this leads to lasting feeling of relaxation and better mood.

  1. Enhances blood circulation

The body feels rejuvenated when there is proper blood circulation. If you massage your body regularly, this can improve blood circulation and decrease signs of aging, dry skin, and wrinkles. Body massage helps in eliminating gasses and waste products from your body and keeps the nervous system running perfectly. Proper blood circulation can maintain a perfect body temperature.

So, if you wish to reap all the above-mentioned benefits, you should book a four-hand massage at your nearest massage parlor. Relieve your body and mind of all the stress.