At Romantic Adventures Pearl, they strive to stock their retail and online stores with the best male sex toys. They feel that not enough adult stores pay attention to the man’s needs. 

They have almost 80 male sex toys in their online store, and we have narrowed the list down to ten toys that we think you will love. If you want to see more of what they offer, check out the Romantic Adventures website or contact them at their Pearl store. 

Extreme F-ck My Ass Mega Masturbator

Let’s start with the mega masturbator that’s meant to simulate anal sex. Weighing in at 15 lbs, you have a good bit of weight behind this while you are enjoying yourself. The weight means that you can ‘do’ this nice and hard. 

Vibrating and Sucking Blowjob Simulator

Want the perfect blowjob simulation? You have to check out this one of the male sex toys. Slide your penis into the almost 7-inch-long shaft and turn it on. You can then tinker with the nine different settings to get something that feels incredibly realistic. 

The shaft vibrates, while the shaft forms a vacuum around your penis. It really will feel like you are buried in someone’s mouth. 

The Screaming O Ultimate Disposable Ring

Want a male sex toy that is best enjoyed as a couple? How about this vibrating cock ring? Wrapping around the penis (but not too tight, you will barely know it is there), the small vibrating ring will deliver intense vibrations to your partner as you have sex with her. 

This could be enough to drive her to a fantastic orgasm.


VEDO ROQ Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

This vibrating cock ring is billed as one of the best cock rings on the market. It is hard to disagree. There is a considerable amount of power loaded up into this tiny tool. There are ten selectable vibration settings on the cock ring. The unique shape will please your partner in all the right spots.

You get 45 minutes per charge. When you are done, clean up and pop it back on the charger. 

Adam; Eve’s Rechargeable Prostate Probe Pro

Over the last few years, companies have released some fantastic prostate probes. This one from Adam and Eve is arguably one of the best, and the customers of Romantic Adventures Pearl have indeed agreed with us there.

Ten different speed and vibration settings will drive any man wild. It is dead simple to use too. A single button controls everything. It is safe to use in the bath and shower if you want to spice up that alone time.

Power Stretch Donuts

Sometimes you don’t need crazy, expensive male sex toys. Instead, you want something simple.

If you have always dreamed of lasting longer in bed (which man hasn’t?), then these Power Stretch Donuts will be for you.

Put one of these around your penis, and you will delay that orgasm even more. They are stretchable, so they should fit around any shaft size.

Vibrating Freshman F-ckhole Masturbator

This lifelike masturbator will make you feel exactly like you are with a real woman. Close your eyes, and we bet you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Every bump and groove is there and the perfect amount of tightness.

The vibration function of this masturbator brings it alive even more. Once you own one of these, you won’t want to use your hands again. 

Dr. Skin 6 Inches Hollow Strap On

Alright. So this is a male sex toy, but it is firmly aimed at the ladies.

This hollowed-out strap-on will allow you to slide your penis inside of it. This increases the size of your penis, delivering immense amounts of pleasure to whoever is lucky enough to be with you.

The penis is realistically veiny, and everybody lucky enough to have enjoyed one of this inside of them has claimed that it feels fantastic.

Prolong Lubricant For Men

Another one for the couples here. This is one of the best prolonging lubricants we sell here at Romantic Adventures Pearl. If you have had issues finishing a little bit too early, you may want to try some of this.

This is a great lubricant and can work with sensitive skin. It sticks around for a while (helping you to last longer), and it washes up nice and easily with a dash of water.

Zero Tolerance Skylar Nicole Ass and Vagina Stroker

This stroker has been crafted to the likeness of Skylar Nicole, one of the more famous pornstars around at the moment. So, if you have ever dreamed of being inside of her (which man hasn’t?), then this stroker will give you the experience. 

A video even comes included so you can really enjoy yourself. Remember, this is just a small smattering of the sex toys we have for sale here at Romantic Adventures. 

Check out their website or visit Romantic Adventures in Jackson, MS. If you come and visit us, our team of staff will be more than happy to point out the toys that they love and that our customers have loved.