The porn industry in the world has a diverse range of products and services. On the world’s largest adult video websites, there are hundreds of categories to choose from, making it easier than ever to find something that you are looking for. Trans and non-binary people, however, are seriously left out of mainstream pornography. While trans and non-binary are large categories on most of the major streaming sites, the majority of films depict them as being exploited and fetishized. Porn is usually portrayed as a sex object for cis men to enjoy, and since it’s often the first time these men see or interact with trans and non-binary people, this is problematic — often leading to cis men being overtly sexual to trans people in public places as their only understanding of us is that we’re here for their sexual enjoyment. Agentredgirl is a platform where trans adult content is shown.

How does it work?

A scientist who specializes in sex and sexuality used a device that measures a man’s private response to various visual stimuli to test a sample of men. When transgender women are attracted to men, porn that features two gay men does not turn them on as much as porn that includes only women and three kinds of shemale porn. Thus, a man who likes transgender women like people born essentially as men but socially more like women doesn’t have to be “at least” bisexual, or really gay but hiding it, or any such thing. One of the things studies like these point out is that Americans have a sparse vocabulary. It is possible to describe people who prefer anything other than straight, heteronormative relationships without being gay. However, most people don’t use that term. US culture is deeply influenced by a need to have everything follow a nice neat binary classification.

Is the adult industry a good-paying job?

It is estimated that there are 28,000 people worldwide watching internet porn at any given moment. The entertainment industry is almost worth billions of dollars, and while its top stars can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year, many new performers could be paid as little as $390 per movie. He explained that the actor’s salary could vary by 10-20 percent depending on who he or she is and whether they are well known or not. Porn jobs, even for performers at the top of their game, are not as lucrative as many people would expect. You can find anyone making more than half a million per year, even the biggest stars. However, if some of the top stars were making £240,000 to £320,000 [$390,000-$520,000] per year, by most people’s perception, that would still be a significant amount of money. Furthermore, actors earn premium rates when they perform scenes that have never been done before.

Consequences for society

Transgender people face one of the biggest problems in life: finding a partner. It is not easy to date, as evidenced by the proliferation of matchmaking services and dating websites. We transgender people, however, face an additional challenge since their sexual identity raises questions for those who find them attractive. The notion that liking a transwoman or transman makes someone gay or lesbian is widely held by straight men and women. Many lesbians and gay men have the fear that liking a transwoman or transman might imply they are straight or some combination of the two. These stigmas are common for transgender women and transgender men, such as being born basically female but socially more like males.


Agentredgirl, an adult time partner, uses cutting-edge 3D animation to bring the futanari characters to life like never before! An erotic art form often associated with anime, manga, and hentai, futanari is an art form inspired by erotic imagery. Japanese in origin, the term literally means “being of two kinds” and refers to fictional beings who are part woman, part man, and all fun.