Best Adult Webcam Sites

Let’s Talk About The Best Adult Webcam Sites and why MOST of them should be Avoided.

For late 2015, here is our analysis (anal hehe) of the best adult cam sites for 2015 so far.

Some say that a lot of the cam sites out There are just bot cam sites without real girls or spammy white label sites which really are just a copycat site of the big players out there.

99% of the sites out there are not real and just plain stink ass.liveoncam


A lot of these top cam sites are just cracked sites that play recorded footage and send an automatic message to guys in the room thinking that it’s a real girl when it’s not. If you think the girl who’s typing something to you is real – chances are she is not. It could be a  computer talking to you. Don’t you feel foolish…

Shady right?

The best thing to do is pay attention to a loop. If she repeats the same thing over and over again it’s fake. If you are able to chat with her, then say something like “If you touch your nose i’ll go private and spend tons of money on your fine ass.”

White label sites

Let’s talk about white label sites. Have you noticed that when you go check out cam sites from various cam review sites or just generally browsing around on the Internet and finding a site or two they look familiar? Have the feeling of Déjà vu like you’ve been there before?

Chances are you have been there before but you’ve been visiting either the real version of that site or just another copy version of that site. This is what we call white label sites and there’s hundreds if not thousands of them out there. Now, don’t get me wrong the parent site of these white label sites are great but they’re basically just selling a copy interface and slapping it on someone else’s domain for the purpose of that person making money. Hence, a white label site. Got a domain? You can do it too.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that I mean we’re all for making money but it’s interesting when you check on a new site and you realize you’re already a member of the parent site . That’s annoying and just dumb .

So do you want me to give you a list of real parent cam sites that haven’t been cloned stripped white label or whatever you call it.?

Here is my top five best cam site list




The girls are hot and the site is a pretty slick . They’ve also been around since 2002 and have a really good reputation with their customers. The girls on the site seemed to like it too I mean they’ve had some issues – the payments and such but no real problems with customers. Ones that joined the site love it and its pretty secure and I like that.


#2) Flirt 4 Free

I love this site. Its actually one of the oldest cam sites out there and what I like a lot is that they often have real porn stars doing guest shows. There’s always quite a few models online at any given time so if you’re looking for a hottie you can take her private. This site is really responsive and have pretty cool features so it’s worthwhile to check out.



#3) Cams Creative


CamsCreative is a really interesting site that’s why I put it as number three . The last two are quite similar but this one has a unique approach on Webcam sites. As soon as you login you’ll see a chick either doing some ironing, cooking. and cleaning or some other household chore . If you like that sorta stuff – the site will deliver . These girls are not afraid to do what you ask them so if you have a fetish like one of these then give it a shot.




#4) Live Jasmin

I like live jasmine because they have quite a few cam girls on there and at reasonable prices. They also have some pretty cool features and  I like the high definition cams and photos. They also have a TV channel called Jasmin TV or something – do check it on out.


#5) Streamate

Streaming is similar to im live and flirt for three but It has been a victim of many many white label atrocities . I think this site has more white label sites to most of them which is a shame because of parent site is actually really good. One of the features I really like is that gold shows where you pay a small fee for a group rate basically everyone does want is the girl go at it instead of doing a one on one. If a private show is more suitable for you then There’s that option as well .



By the way, I don’t want to leave out the gays or shemales, there are plenty of them on the sites mentioned with exception to CamsCreative which really just focuses on the chicks. For more in-depth reviews on adult cam sites you can also check out



Teen Flash Cams

Teen cams: a variety of teens from different places

The teen cams website is a place meant for young people (obviously above the age of 18) so that they can meet each other and interact online via cam chatting. You will find yourself a variety of 18+ teens over here, all of whom are available for chatting. The way it works is that they create a virtual chatting room for 2 people. After the participants have been selected, you are good to go.

This place is ideal for individuals within the age group of 18 to 20 years. But that doesn’t mean, you can’t have fun if you are slightly older. That is the beauty of teen cams because it makes everyone feel comfortable and right at home. It provides a safe environment for you talk with other people and make new friends online.

Different Options:

You have probably heard of a myriad of sites similar to this, but teen cams do a way better job than all the others at matching you up with someone anonymous. One of the main reasons why that is so is that there is no limit to the number of people you can talk to here. And what’s better is the fact that it is completely free of charge. Now, who doesn’t like free stuff?

There is a section called 18-Mate which features only models that are 18 years old for sexual interaction. Also, this place has something for everyone with regards to variety and categories. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who just wants to talk with someone else of the same age, or if you want to see a hot and young model to interact with. You will find a variety of stuff suited to your taste.

hot teen


Browsing the site itself is also very simple and easy to do. You can keep on surfing until you have found exactly the kind of model you want. After making your choice, all you really need to do is to click on the picture and you will be entertained by the corresponding model within no time at all. It’s okay if you just want to have a normal conversation with someone else because there are people out there serving that purpose as well.

As far as equipment is concerned, you won’t be requiring anything too fancy. All you need is a computer with a stable internet connection, a webcam and a decent microphone as well. Once you are ready with all of the above equipment, you will be ready to go and host a conversation online, which, of course, can continue for


That is also one of the biggest reasons why teen cams are thriving so much. Not to mention that this website is further increasing in popularity day by day. And if you are someone who wants to go further into this whole thing, there are more expensive features available as well which, of course, require money. But if you are enthusiastic about this, then you will have no regrets spending some extra cash.

Upskirt Voyeur

Upskirt is an enjoyable thing when you talk about adult entertainment. It mainly refers to photographs which are taken from women under their skirt. Sometimes the photographs may be of their underwear or lack of. So, it can be said that these photographs are generally used to get the sensuous feeling by seeing half naked pictures of the women driving men into a frenzy!

Where to check


There are plenty of websites online where you can check for upskirt fun. There are plenty of celebrities whose photographs are available online. You can surely check the photographs of your most favorite celebrity. You may imagine seeing the sensuous parts of her body and with these photographs you can surely have a look on that.

It is going to give you a hard on for sure. In most of these websites, you will be able to see the photographs absolutely free of cost. There are some of the websites for which you need to register. However, in most of the cases the registration is absolutely free.

Where are they Taken?

These are unauthorized photographs. It is generally taken when the lady is not aware of the fact that some of the private areas of her body are getting shown because of the malfunction of her dress. The photographs are taken at that time, and those are posted on the various popular websites so that people can get adult fun.

It has also been observed that generally this kind of photograph comes from the women as it will be able to create more sensuous feeling than that of men. These photographs can be taken at various positions like when a woman is ascending on stairs or when she is getting down from a car or while sitting on a bench in the park.

How to enjoy the Photographs

You can enjoy upskirt just about anywhere even in public if you are lucky. Ever see a girl walking down the street when the wind blows. It’s very erotic.  Looking at gorgeous celebrities in upskirt means it will surely arouse your sexual feelings. It will give you physical satisfaction.

There was even a story of a man who when to an amusement park with a camera mounted in his shoe, facing upward. He would put his foot between girls legs and take an upskirt photo. Needless to say, this man was arrested and unfortunately none of the photos were leaked online.

Or were they?

Girl On Girl Flash Cams

Girl on girl cams: The exotic world of two girls enjoying each other on cam discussed

The girl on girl Flash cams has become quite popular among people recently. It has been reported in surveys, that men find it really satisfying to watch lesbian sex. Two girls performing sexual acts on each other are a huge turn on  for these people. Hence the demands for girl on girl cams have been on the rise for quite some time now. The cams as you will realize will not only entertain you, but will also provide you with a fair bit of education regarding the different ways by which you can please two girls if you ever get that lucky!

Technique teaching

Recently, girl on girl cams teaching you about different sexual positions have been launched. Now you may feel that nobody can instruct or lecture you about those sexual positions that you have mastered while being in bed. Many men may even feel that the whole idea is an utmost ridiculous one and a DVD just telling them how to please their partners is quite frankly embarrassing too.

However, it needs to be acknowledged that even the best among you needs a breather once in a while. Hence the idea of these cams teaching you about sexual positions has got into the market in the first place. Usually a man and woman, who are quite attractive to look at, would be preferred to perform the different acts and positions. But in the present times, with the changing tastes and demands of people, the girl on girl version has been preferred. This is because the real life lesbian couples will too then enjoy the video. Live Lesbians

First glance

You will usually find two actresses from the adult film industry feeling up each other and then giving each other pleasure. If the cam claims to teach you different sexual techniques, then at the first glance, the girl on girl cam would look like any other porn film. However the complete absence of men in the picture makes it all the more appealing among different people. The two girls in the video will show you, if you are a girl, how to master techniques of two girls getting it on.

Male-female act

Cam girls also show different techniques that are usually performed by the male partner on the female. One of the girls may even wear a strap on dildo in order simulate a cock. Guys get really turned on by watching a girl with a strap on, fucking another girl.

The positions that the girls come up with may even surprise some men and teach them a thing or two about how to get inside the girl in the hottest way. All the hidden desires and pleasures which the girls want to experience can be taught by two girls showing what techniques work on a girl and what gets them hot and aroused.

So give it a go, check out some lesbians on cam and have them put on a hot show just for you!

Strip Clubs

Probably the best way to see a naked chick is to visit a strip club. From famous strip clubs like the Spearmint Rhino is Las Vegas to your local dingy hole with biker chicks, you can never get enough.

I remember when i was 18 years old and went to my first strip joint. I was walking around with a hard on most of the time! Seeing naked chicks and so many of them – asians, blondes, brunettes, big tit chicks, small tits, big asses, small asses, it was all amazing good stuff.

Have Strip Joints Lost their Appeal?

Today, they don’t seem as popular. I remember back in the day they were so busy sometimes it was hard to find a seat – standing room only! Those were the days. I think the main reason why they aren’t as busy today is because of the $20 lap dance. At first it was thrilling to be able able to finally grab a strippers ass and titties, and if you have been around long enough you remember the table dances where you could only watch and not touch. stripjoint

Strippers Are Aggressive

Strippers are very aggressive these days. They will come to your table, chat a little bit then ask ‘do you want a dance?’ If you’ve got the money to burn, why not, especially if she’s your type. It’s good to preview them first on stage, flashing their ass and titties at you so you will know if you like or not.

One thing that i don’t like is when a stripper comes up to me and asks for a dance and i have to make a decision based on their face only. If they were smart they would stand back, bend over, flash their ass, pussy, titties, whatever they know gets a man excited and then maybe they will get their dance. Guys don’t get lapdances based on face and personality alone. There’s a tip for any of you strippers out there reading this!

Bring Back the $5 Table Dance

Do you remember the $5 table dance? Girls were not aggressive back then and they didn’t have to hussle because for just 5 bucks you get them for a whole song. Ask yourself this question, would you rather have her for 1 dance where you can feel her up for $20 or 4 dances where you just watch? I don’t know what’s better. For me, burning through a 20 in just 3-5 minutes is crazy. It’s not enough.

Now imagine having her around for 4 dances and spending the same amount, just 20 bucks. You still get to see her bend over in your face, get her titties out, tease the hell out of you. What’s good about this too is that you don’t feel like such a cheap ass if you have just one lap dance with her. If you spend just 20 on 4 songs and 4 dances it’s a considerable time spent with her. Hell you might even get her number if you are smooth enough!

Flashing Strippers on the streetpantystrip

You can kinda tell the strippers from the regular girls that you see on the street or shopping malls. They just walk different, and definitely dress different. Although today lots of hot teens walk around wearing next to nothing (bless them) the strippers just look a little extra sleazy, it’s just something I can’t explain. One time I saw this chick walking and some guys in a car yelled at her in a provocative way. A lot of women would be offended but what did she do, she flashed her tits! No normal girl would do that! For sure she was a stripper!

So anyway, if you want some tits and ass flashed in your face, strip joints are still the best places to go. There’s just something extra special from a flash on the street from a hot girl. The excitement level is just much higher. Probably because it’s just so unexpected!